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Oneplus Mobile Service Center in Chennai

Oneplus Mobile Service in Chennai

Oneplus Mobile Service in Chennai for broken lcd/led screen, battery replacement, charging port repair, speaker repair, water damage, software issues and more.

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Oneplus 6T Service

  • Oneplus 6T Screen Replace
  • Oneplus 6T Battery Replace
  • Oneplus 6T Charging Port Replace
  • Oneplus 6T Speaker Replace
  • Oneplus 6T Camera Replace
  • Oneplus 6T Water Damage
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Oneplus 6 Service

  • Oneplus 6 Screen Replace
  • Oneplus 6 Battery Replace
  • Oneplus 6 Charging Port Replace
  • Oneplus 6 Speaker Replace
  • Oneplus 6 Camera Replace
  • Oneplus 6 Water Damage
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Oneplus 5T Service

  • Oneplus 5T Screen Replace
  • Oneplus 5T Battery Replace
  • Oneplus 5T Charging Port Replace
  • Oneplus 5T Speaker Replace
  • Oneplus 5T Camera Replace
  • Oneplus 5T Water Damage
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Oneplus 5 Service

  • Oneplus 5 Screen Replace
  • Oneplus 5 Battery Replace
  • Oneplus 5 Charging Port Replace
  • Oneplus 5 Speaker Replace
  • Oneplus 5 Camera Replace
  • Oneplus 5 Water Damage
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Oneplus 3T Service

  • Oneplus 3T Screen Replace
  • Oneplus 3T Battery Replace
  • Oneplus 3T Charging Port Replace
  • Oneplus 3T Speaker Replace
  • Oneplus 3T Camera Replace
  • Oneplus 3T Water Damage
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Oneplus 3 Service

  • Oneplus 3 Screen Replace
  • Oneplus 3 Battery Replace
  • Oneplus 3 Charging Port Replace
  • Oneplus 3 Speaker Replace
  • Oneplus 3 Camera Replace
  • Oneplus 3 Water Damage

Our Services

OnePlus Water Damage Repair

We have a high success rate of repairing water damaged OnePlus phones and we deal with all phone brands but there is no promise for repair. Pay only if it works !

OnePlus Screen Repair

OnePlus broken front glass, touchscreen problems, vertical lines on the LCD screen or nothing on the display repaired within 2 hours.

OnePlus Charging Port Repair

We will diagnose the problem with charging port and replace it if faulty. The repair usually takes less than 1 hour.

OnePlus Camera and Lens Repair

Broken camera lens or autofocus issues with your OnePlus back camera, repair usually takes less than 1 hour.

OnePlus Back Panel Replacement

Bend frame, side buttons not working or just too many scratches will be remove when we remove the back panel frame. Please tell us the color of your OnePlus phone.

OnePlus Battery Replacement

If your OnePlus is powering on but does not hold a charge for too long, you may need a new battery. The repair takes 30 minutes and requires booking.