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OnePlus Water Damage Repair

OnePlus Water Damage Replacement

OnePlus Water Damage Repair

OnePlus Mobile phone water damage repair service same day in the Tambaram or birng it in to Chennai store for while you wait repair.

Consider this repair more as a thorough cleaning and inspection service. No guarantee that your device will be repaired, but simply that it is cleaned and fully tested. If the repair requires replacement parts, those will be additionally charged.

1.We disassemble the phone first and prepare motherboard with other affected parts for special cleaning.

2.Next, we wash the motherboard using ultrasonic cleaner with special liquid designed for electronic devices, later we check it with microscope that it is cleaned (we repeat the process if needed)

3.Later, we run a diagnostic to determine if the phone powers on and if there are any issues

4.If the phone still does not work, we check what could be done to fix it and prepare you the quote

5.Once you agree to proceed, we continue the repair (may take up to few days)

We can still try to retrieve your data even if the phone cannot be repaired, please ask